5 Tips to Make Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts Last

Contrary to what some people may think, synthetic grass tennis courts also require regular maintenance in order to prolong their useful life. This article discusses some things that you can do to preserve the condition of your newly constructed synthetic grass tennis court.

Look Out for Standing Water 

Inspect the tennis court carefully after it rains so that you identify any areas where water may have pooled. Any standing water may be an indicator that the drains underneath that area have become clogged. Fix those drains so that water can drain away quickly from the synthetic grass.

Brush the Court Regularly

Get an appropriate brushing tool from the installer of your synthetic grass tennis court. Use that tool to brush the synthetic grass on a regular basis, such as once each month, so that the fibres remain standing at all times. Regular brushing also ensures that the infill of the court is distributed evenly over the surface of the court.

Water the Court Regularly

Regular watering of that grass helps to keep the soil underneath the grass compact. Otherwise, the soil will keep shifting and the tennis court may develop uneven spots on its surface. Make sure that you don't exceed the recommended volume of water for the type of soil underneath your court. Excess water is wasteful in addition to posing a risk of waterlogging.

Keep It Free from Debris

Use appropriate tools, such as rakes and leaf blowers, to remove any debris that may collect on the synthetic grass tennis court. This maintenance activity will remove any organic matter that may encourage the growth of microorganisms, such as fungi and algae, on the court. The decaying organic matter can also pose a safety risk when that organic matter causes the court to become slippery.

Apply the Recommended Chemicals

Different microorganisms such as algae may still grow on the synthetic grass tennis court despite your efforts to prevent such an eventuality from happening. It may therefore become necessary for you to use chemicals to keep those growths at bay. Apply algaecides and fungicides according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of your synthetic grass. Those chemicals should not lull you into neglecting the other activities, such as raking, that can prevent further microbial growth.

Well-maintained synthetic grass tennis courts can last for a very long time. It is therefore vital that you work closely with the supplier of your system so that you develop an appropriate maintenance system that handles any developing issues promptly before the service life of the court is affected.

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