Two Caravan Must-Haves To Keep The Snakes At Bay

It is an old joke that everything in Australia wants to kill you, and this is certainly true when it comes to the snake population. You already know how to keep the snakes out of your home, but have you given any thought about how you will achieve this when you take off on your first caravan trip next summer? As a first-time caravan camper, there are two snake-repelling accessories you should buy before you go.

Auditory Snake Repellent

As a general rule, snakes only lash out when startled, but that holds little comfort when there is a red-bellied black trying to get inside your caravan for shelter. The best way not to startle a snake is to discourage it from coming close to the caravan in the first place.

An auditory snake repeller is a device that emits a regular pulse all snakes find disturbing. While snakes don't have ears like you do, they can sense vibrations in the 200 to 300 Hz range. Therefore, choose a device that makes pulses in this range and you'll find snakes want to steer clear of your caravan.

Helpful tip: if you purchase a repellent that can be recharged using solar power, you won't need to worry about charging it off your caravan's precious batteries.

Granule Snake Repeller

As a back-up to an auditory snake repellent (because you don't want to be left in the lurch if it stops working or needs charging), consider purchasing a snake repeller that comes in granular form.

This type of snake repeller is a small pellet that can be scattered inside and outside the caravan. It can be made from a variety of different compounds, but the most popular products include sulphur and naphthalene. These two compounds when combined make up the smell you are used to from moth balls.

Since the snakes do not like this scent, it is advertised that snakes will steer clear of the area. While the overpowering moth ball smell is more effective in confined spaces, this is not to say granular repellent will not be effective on a caravan trip. Scattering it inside your caravan, and close to the entry points when parked, should be enough to keep the slithering reptilians at bay.

The last thing you want on your first caravan trip is an uninvited snake guest gate-crashing your party. So, purchase a couple of snake repellers before you leave so you don't have to start sleeping with one eye open.

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