Questions You Need to Ask If You're Thinking of a Boat Tour or Rental

Hiring a boat for an entire day (from companies like Bluey's Boat Hire) can mean relaxing on the water and letting someone else handle the steering and maneuvering for you. It can also be a good idea if you've managed a boat before, so you don't need to worry about learning how to handle the throttle, engine, and so on. Before you choose a boat rental when on vacation or visiting the waters, note a few important questions to ask so you know what's involved and know you'll enjoy your time on the water.

1. Always ask if there will be other people on the boat

Some boat rental places will rent boats to a crowd and won't take the boat on the water until they sell so many tickets or have a certain number for that crowd. You may not realize this and may assume that a boat rental is just for you and your family or group. Some rentals might work this way and may charge a flat price for your day on the water, but don't assume that is how they all work. Ask if they bring on other passengers and if so, decide if you're comfortable taking a tour or being on the water with others.

2. Note if the boat can tow skis, skim boards, and the like

Don't assume that any boat will be fast enough and strong enough to tow something behind it. If you want to ski, bring a skim board, or even an inner tube, be sure you ask if the boat can be used for towing. A boat will usually need to be outfitted with the right equipment to tow something and also needs a strong enough engine for towing. A boat should also have a platform or inboard engine in the back so that skiers and others are safe when they climb in and out of the boat.

3. Ask if you can bring music, alcohol, food, and the like

An all-day tour often allows you to bring food and may even encourage you to bring a cooler with something to eat, if they don't provide food with your rental. Not all boats allow alcohol onboard, and in some cases they may have restrictions as to music and noise. If you're renting a boat to tour canals or lakes with homes on the beach, there may be local restrictions as to noise from passing boats. Don't assume you can bring your radio or have a party on the rented boat unless you ask about these things beforehand.

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