Tenpin Bowling - Top Tips For Beginners

Tenpin bowling is a great leisure activity that your whole family can enjoy.  However, achieving that perfect "strike" (where all ten pins are knocked down with one shot) is not as easy as the pros make it look.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Assume the position

If you are to throw a good shot, you must adopt the correct bowling position and know where you're aiming.  These instructions are written for right-handers; just reverse them if you're a lefty.  Always go through the routine of your throw before you start, just to get the feel of the ball and to 'get your eye in'.

  1. To begin with, choose a lightweight ball that's easy to handle and has holes that aren't too tight for your fingers so that they don't get stuck when you release the ball.  Use your thumb and first two fingers to hold the ball in your right hand.  
  2. Begin by standing with your toes touching the "foul line" at the beginning of the lane.  (Remember: If one of your feet steps over this line when you play your shot, it won't count.)  
  3. Turn around and take about four steps back towards the waiting area where you'll see a row of dots.  Put your left foot to the left of the centre dot.  
  4. You'll see a number of long arrows marked on the bowling lane.  Look at the arrows marked and focus on the second arrow from the right-hand gutter.  This arrow will be your target as you release your ball, and it should guide the shot in a straight line into the front three pins.  If you're accurate, this should get you a strike!  
  5. Take one step forward, pushing your right arm out as you do so.  Allow your arm to drop back by your side on the second swing, and swing it forwards again on the next step, simultaneously releasing the bowl and sliding your left foot forward up to the foul line.  
  6. Unless you've thrown a strike, you now have another throw to try to clear the remaining pins.  Adjust your focus to align your right shoulder with the arrow pointing to the leftover pins.

In conclusion

Tenpin bowling is even more fun if you're in with a good chance of getting a strike.  Use these guidelines to help you and your friends and family get the most from your first bowling experience.

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