Marlin Fishing Charters With Children: Two Tips For A Successful Day Out

No matter what gender your child is, teaching them to fish offers a number of benefits that are both educational and fun. You can use it to teach them about the environment, about different marine life, and most importantly, how to enjoy time outside in the fresh air without their electronics. Booking a marlin fishing charter is a fabulous way for your kids to have a day's trip out on the water, but to make sure this trip is a successful one, you need to be fully prepared. To catch marlin you need to head well out to sea, so consider these pointers before you set foot on the boat for a full day of fishing adventure.

Fish Identifier Chart  

To get your kids fully into the fun of fishing, you need to get them to get excited about the experience ahead. One way you can do this is to make a game out of identifying the different fish that may be seen or caught while out on the charter boat.

Ask the fishing charter company if they have an identification chart on board. If not, you can purchase one from your local bookstore or from an outdoor equipment shop. Set up a game with your kids where the first one who correctly identifies certain fish wins a prize. It will help to keep their interest and their enthusiasm levels high while out on the water.

Children's Comfort

A full day out on the water can be draining for even adults, so make sure you keep your children's comfort in mind when packing up to head out to the boat. In particular, give consideration to these items your child may need:

  • If they are still young enough that they need a midday nap to get through the day, make sure you take along a nap pad or air mattress they can curl up on.
  • Food and drinks are an obvious must if the charter company does not provide refreshments. Check with them before you get on board.
  • Slip, slop, slap to make sure your children are well protected from the harshness of Australia's midday sun. Take a hat, sunscreen, and long-sleeved clothing to protect them from getting burned.

A little forward planning can make sure your marlin fishing trip is a fun trip for everyone on board and that includes the youngest people on the boat. Exposure to nature is a wonderful way for you to bond with your children, so get them out onto the water while the summer weather is still good. 

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