Choosing between different pneumatic air rifles

Air rifles can be used for different purposes. Truly powerful rifles can be used to hunt smaller animals, like rabbits or rats. Some rifles are better for just shooting down cans from a fence in your garden.  The most powerful air rifles are the ones using compressed air as their shooting mechanism, and they are also among the most accurate ones, as they don't deliver any recoil. However, there are different types of rifles using compressed air in different ways, and if you want a powerful air rifle but can't decide which type to get, there are a few things you should know about.

Pre charged pneumatic

This is a very common type of air rifle and also one of the most powerful types of rifles on the market. It uses compressed air in a chamber to send the pellet off towards the target in tremendous speed. These rifles are a little bit complicated, as you will need to recharge the chamber when the air runs out. The easiest way to do this is to have a small tank of compressed air available for when you need to refill it, as this is a fast way of charging it, but getting a tank and storing it can seem like a problem for many people.

Multi pump pneumatic

This is an air rifle that you pump manually to build up air pressure enough to fire. It's an easy way of recharging and doesn't cause you to have to buy any extra equipment for it. They are usually also a cheaper option then pre charged pneumatic, as they aren't as complicated and demand rather hard work between shots to keep on working. The negative aspect of having to pump your own air can be that it takes a long time to reload, which causes this rifle to not be the best model if you're intending on hitting moving targets with it.

Single stroke pneumatic

This is a very similar rifle to the multi pump pneumatic, as it uses the same process to build up air for fire power. As you only have to pump it once, it reloads quickly, and you don't need any extra equipment for it. However, it doesn't have as much power as the other two models, as only one pump isn't enough to build up power for hunting, for example. An advantage of this might be that it's a good rifle for younger users that don't need that much fire power and can be a fun way to start off an interest for air rifles.

For more information about the latest air rifles and whether they'd work for your needs, contact a local retailer. 

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